Why We Love Tours

A Detroit Story

I’ve been introducing people to Detroit for over a decade. I grew up in the suburbs and moved to the city after developing an obsession with it while attending Wayne State University. There I studied Media, which lead me to work in film and music production. In addition to working on Hollywood productions, which itself involved plenty of backseat-driver tours, I worked on small scale films and videos including a documentary on the city. As one of Detroit’s first Airbnb hosts, I found myself informally giving tours to guests that eventually transformed into this service.

Outside of tours, I’m a collaborative sound and video artist. I co-founded Erie Canal Theatre, producing original audio serials for radio and podcasts. I continue making music as Zelda and the Unibrows, which I co-founded in 1997. Most recently, I’ve launched a personal website to better present my creative stuff.  I have also been a wedding officiant, hosted radio shows, performed internationally, including on the Second City stage and The Kitchen in New York, and held public office.